All About Elephants and Where Does Elephants Live

As the biggest mamal on land, elephants have various interesting trivia including where does elephants live. There are so many interesting things you can get from diggin stuffs about elephant. This is just like what has been stated above, the biggest living mamal on land. That is the most common fact that most people already know. Elephant’s tusk is also considered as valuable goods that lots of people are hunting elephants for. This causes elephant population to decrease drastically. Right now, elephants only live in limited areas and in special habitats. Since there are several types of elephant that live in the forest, as people cut down trees, their living place become smaller. There are also elephants that come down to villages near forests and disturb the living of the villagers. That is also another cause for the decline of the number of the elephants these days.

Where Does Elephants Live? The Living Place of Elephant

You might want to know more on extinct elephant. Elephants live in various habitats based on the different types of it. Elephants are spread all across the world in countries and areas near the equator line. This is because elephants need a warm climate to live. They are herbivores and grass is their staple. Some elephants also enjoy fruits as their staple too. Water is also another important thing that has to be there in their living place. So if you ask where do elephants live habitat, than the answer is, places with lots of plants and there are enough puddle of waters to willow.

Different Areas, Different Habits

There are several answers to the question where does elephants live. They can live in savannahs, marshes, forest and marshes. Different living environments cause the elephants to have special habits in their own living places. For example, when you, for example, go to Africa and have a chance to join the safari tour, you will see groups of elephants wallowing in a mud puddle during a hot day. This is the habitat of elephant savannah. The hot temperature is reduced by them wallowing in the mud puddle. The mud sticking to their skin later dries up and acts as sunscreen to protect their body from the blazing sun. The mud also keeps their body temperature from getting too hot. You will not see forest elephants doing something like this because this action is special only done in the hot savannas with fewer trees to take shelter from the blazing sun. There are also different habits of the elephants in marshes and forests. Each of the habits is build by their body needs in different types of terrain.

Those are just a small amount of information regarding the living place of the elephants. There are still more information about the big mammals if you want to get to know elephants better than before. If you have the chance seeing an elephant in its natural habitat, you can see the elephants’ behavior and maybe you could catch several of their habits and can answer if asked where does elephants live.

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